Press & Interviews


Poetry Foundation“Isobel O’Hare’s Erasures of Public Statements Draw Attention to Their Shared Sexist Language”

Vice“this artist creates powerful erasure poems from sexual predators’ apologies”

Fast Company: “This Poet Turned Louis C.K.’s Harassment Apology Into A Powerful Poem”

Harper’s Magazine“Poet Isobel O’Hare’s all this can be yours employs the timeless art of strategic Sharpie redaction to bring this dissembling into starker relief.”

The Irish Times: “For Hollywood’s ‘male feminists’, sorry seems to be the hardest word”

AV Club: “Someone is editing all the bullshit out of celebrity sexual assault apologies”



The Rumpus: “Art, Action, and Redaction: A Conversation with Isobel O’Hare”

Literary Hub: “Exploring the Truth Behind Bad Celebrity Apologies: Isobel O’Hare In Conversation with Andrea Blythe on the New Books Network”

The University of Arizona Poetry Center: “Erasure, Grief, and the Underworld: An Interview with Isobel O’Hare”

VIDA: “Voices of Bettering American Poetry: Isobel O’Hare”

Luna Luna Magazine: “The Text is My Enemy: Erasing the Patriarchy with Isobel O’Hare”