all this can be yours

Through all this can be yours, poet Isobel O’Hare reveals the truth behind apology statements made by powerful men—in effect reversing what these men have done to their victims. By shrinking abusers and their fraught stories of what did or didn’t happen, what they did or didn’t mean, see, expect, or believe, O’Hare, equipped with intention and a Sharpie, opens the wider conversation of necessary systemic change.

“Isobel O’Hare calls this remarkable project erasure, but I would call it redaction. Only it subverts that political tool by blacking out in these testimonies all that is—finally—anodyne, to expose the most sensitive information, or rather, to let the abusers expose themselves. Brilliant! We need such radical poetic methods to change the discourse around sexual abuse. And we need poets like Isobel O’Hare. all this can be yours slyly fulfills its promise.”

Jody Gladding, author of Rooms and Their Airs

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