all this can be yours, University of Hell Press, 2018 (forthcoming)


Heartbreak Machinery, dancing girl press, 2018 (forthcoming)

The Garden Inside Her, Ladybox Books, 2016

Wild Materials, Zoo Cake Press, 2015


“This is not my beautiful hell,” a collaborative poem written with Sarah Lyn Rogers, They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, Black Lawrence Press, 2018 (forthcoming)

“Blodeuwedd” and “above average,” A Shadow Map, Civil Coping Mechanisms Press, 2017

Individual Poems

White Stag | “Arianrhod

Five 2 One: An Art and Literary Journal
| “The Day I Notice the Bougainvillea is Dead” and “every every and even the air”

Asterix Journal | “What We Know About Men

Yes, Poetry | My Third Day in the Desert

Banshee | “Prayer to Saint Monica

Jam Tarts | Branwen

Entropy | “Rhiannon

Maudlin House | “Ceridwen

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance | “Being Ready” and “Firsts”

Cipactli | “Bulbs” andhow to ghost a girl”

Voicemail Poems | “honey is a verb

Aspasiology | “Dirt Witch” in response to Chloë Rose

Public Pool | “Blodeuwedd,” “wild girl,” and “ice fishing”

HOUND  |  “fell into a crease in this machine”

The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought  |  13

FORTH Magazine  |  The air between trees is heavenly teeth sinking into an earth sandwich” and “Strike That!

The Fem | “It Happened So Many Times”

Dirty Chai Magazine  |  fire list

Cease, Cows  |  Crude Oil

The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review  |  His Flaming Sister

Split This Rock  |  Above Average


Map Literary | “Failure, a Love Letter” / Lecture audio available on YouTube / Lecture PDF

The Poetry Question | “Poems are Magic Spells Written by Witches

The Pacific Center for Human Growth | “Late Bloomers and Sexual Fluidity

Luna Luna Magazine | Starting from the Center: Magickal Approaches to Protecting Boundaries


“Cobalt” | song lyrics for a track by Deathline

Works in Progress

she shine girl dancer: a full-length collection of poems on the themes of gendered violence and the landscape as witness to assault (at 50+ pages thus far)

breath archaea: a memoir

Untitled: a graphic novel collaboration with artist Kaoru Sato