The Garden Inside Her, Ladybox Books, 2016

Wild Materials, Zoo Cake Press, 2015


“This is not my beautiful hell,” a collaborative poem written with Sarah Lyn Rogers, They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, Black Lawrence Press, forthcoming in 2018

“Blodeuwedd” and “above average,” A Shadow Map, Civil Coping Mechanisms Press, 2017

Individual Poems

Five 2 One: An Art and Literary Journal | “The Day I Notice the Bougainvillea is Dead” and “every every and even the air” (forthcoming)

Yes, Poetry | My Third Day in the Desert

Banshee | “Prayer to Saint Monica

Jam Tarts | Branwen

Entropy | “Rhiannon

Maudlin House | “Ceridwen

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance | “Being Ready” and “Firsts”

Cipactli | “Bulbs” andhow to ghost a girl”

Voicemail Poems | “honey is a verb

Aspasiology | “Dirt Witch” in response to Chloë Rose

Public Pool | “Blodeuwedd,” “wild girl,” and “ice fishing”

HOUND  |  “fell into a crease in this machine”

The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought  |  13

FORTH Magazine  |  The air between trees is heavenly teeth sinking into an earth sandwich” and “Strike That!

The Fem | “It Happened So Many Times”

Dirty Chai Magazine  |  fire list

Cease, Cows  |  Crude Oil

The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review  |  His Flaming Sister

Split This Rock  |  Above Average


Map Literary | “Failure, a Love Letter” / Lecture audio available on YouTube / Lecture PDF

The Poetry Question | “Poems are Magic Spells Written by Witches

The Pacific Center for Human Growth | “Late Bloomers and Sexual Fluidity

Luna Luna Magazine | Starting from the Center: Magickal Approaches to Protecting Boundaries


“Cobalt” | song lyrics for a track by Deathline

Works in Progress

Heartbreak Machinery: a full-length collection of poems on the themes of gendered violence and the landscape as witness to assault (at 50+ pages thus far)

breath archaea: a memoir

Untitled: a graphic novel collaboration with artist Kaoru Sato