Interview: Vol. 1 Brooklyn

I was interviewed by Joanna Valente, along with Alexis Smithers, Lynn Melnick, Claudia Cortese, and Jason Phoebe Rusch, for Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

How were you able to write about your experience(s), and negotiate between empowering yourself and not exploiting your own experiences?

I don’t traffic in the details of my abuse. I find some way to communicate the feelings attached to them, the ghosts they leave behind, without sharing those details that are often demanded but are unnecessary to actually understanding what trauma is: a haunting. If we think of trauma this way, as a unique relationship between an entity and the building where the trauma occurred and still resides, then we understand that our bodies are the buildings and our traumas are the ghosts, and nobody else needs to know what the unfinished business is or help solve the mystery. There is no resolution to this kind of haunting. There is no exposition either. The ghost’s back story is fragmented and nobody else’s business. What is important is what is being communicated: the haunting. I am haunted and I want you to know, but also even ghosts still have boundaries.

Publication: F.A.L.D. #14

Yesterday I had two poems published in issue 14 of Nostrovia Press’s Fuck Art Let’s Dance. The following are excerpts from each.

And what is pregnancy to me but being consumed by the dreams of some other machine?

-from “Being Ready”

Mostly I remember the swimming pool full of trash, the padlock on the refrigerator, and the shimmery pieces of paper stuck to the walls.

-from “Firsts”

Be sure to check out the rest of the issue. There are some stunning pieces of work from all contributors. F.A.L.D. is a treasure.

Until She is Needed

Isobel-OHare-The-Garden-Inside-HerGreetings, lovely citizens of the internet! It is with great pleasure that I announce the new ebook version of my chapbook The Garden Inside Her. I’ve spent some time editing the book and polishing it for your enjoyment, and if you click on the image of the (new! spiffy!) cover to the left there, you can snatch it up for $0.99! If you splurge for the paperback version, you can grab the Kindle copy for free.

This book is sort of my baby in that I wrote it while sick and bed-ridden for months, consumed by fantasies of virtual worlds and longing for the singularity. It is a special book for me, and I hope it will be for you, too.

Of course, if you prefer to caress the flesh of dead trees, there are still a few handbound copies available via the shop.

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my work. If you are interested in supporting me in other ways, you can become an ongoing patron by choosing a donation tier on my Patreon page.