The Garden Inside Her


Isobel O’Hare’s second chapbook, first released in 2016 as part of a box set from Ladybox Books, is a series of linked vignettes on themes of chronic illness, virtual reality, and dissociation from the flesh.

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“The Garden Inside Her is a cleansing of the body, an embrace of the violent, wild green inside everyone, a prayer for newness.

This green is O’Hare’s garden, which disturbs the more mechanical and technological moments in the chapbook the way vegetation reclaims abandoned buildings. In her poems, O’Hare plays with that balance of natural and virtual space, never letting one win over the other.” – Rebecca Valley, Ghost City Review

“…a notebook, a sort of recording of a passage through–or into–illness, alienation, and loss with increasing awareness of one’s limitations, mortality, and creatureliness… suggests to me that one’s experience of life and pain are one indivisible whole; what we love and what we merely suffer cannot be separated.” – Chris Wells

“I love that Isobel O’Hare writes about ugly things and beautiful things and that she depresses me a little and then gives me a flower that makes me feel better.” – Zann Carter