Littler Hands Sprang Up from the Grass

I keep a sporadic audio diary on a handheld Sony dictaphone. I sat down to transfer some files that I’ll be sending to Annelyse Gelman for a strange collaboration. In searching for the correct files, I listened to one of my older ones in which I share two passages from Joanna Russ’s The Female Man.

Listen to an excerpt from The Female Man

Audio transcript: “The following is a line from The Female Man by Joanna Russ:

‘I know it’s supposed to be virtuous to run healthily through fields of flowers, but I like bars, hotels, air conditioning, good restaurants, and air transport, and I told her so.’

This book has really beautiful descriptions of technology existing in a sort of wilderness. Actually, ‘wilderness’ is used in one of my favorite passages so far. It goes:

‘Within the dome was a wilderness of machines, dead on their sides, some turned inside out, their guts spilling onto the grass. From an extended framework under the roof swung hands as big as three men. One of these picked up a car and dropped it. The sides of the car fell off. Littler hands sprang up from the grass.'”