all this can be yours

all this can be yours began as a cathartic exercise in erasure. In the midst of sexual assault allegations against high-profile men, I found myself overwhelmed with emotion by both the accounts of victims (#MeToo) and the statements/apologies by the perpetrators. I printed out those statements and sat down with a Sharpie to reveal what I felt they were really saying about themselves, their privilege, and their willful oblivion to the consequences of their actions.

The project unexpectedly went viral, and now the erasures are available as a collection from University of Hell Press in the spring of 2018. Prints of selected erasures are available in the shop, and you can view a selection of them below as well.

In addition to this project, I am soliciting submissions for an erasure anthology called Erase the Patriarchy. You can read the call for submissions on my blog.