Call for Submissions: Erase the Patriarchy

A couple weeks ago I started blacking out celebrity sexual assault statements/apologies. You can see some of the results here and read an interview about it here. The project unexpectedly went viral, and University of Hell Press will publish a collection of my erasures, titled all this can be yours, in February (with proceeds going to RAINN and Futures Without Violence).

The best thing about making these erasures has been watching other people come up with their own, either of the same statements or of other documents written by men in powerful positions who have in some way abused that power. I thought, what better way to continue this project than to invite y’all along with me? Erase the Patriarchy is the result of that thought process.

Erase the Patriarchy will be an anthology/manifesto of feminist redaction, to be published by University of Hell Press. Submissions from men will be considered, but preference will be given to women, non-binary, and LGBTQIA writers.


  • Submit 1-5 erasures of a statement, apology, speech, and/or other document, whether contemporary or historical. Feel free to submit multiple erasures of the same document or 5 erasures of 5 different documents. Original documents do not need to have been written by men; the important thing is that you are erasing the words of someone who has abused their power in some way that further marginalizes already marginalized people.
  • Approach your erasures visually, and be imaginative in their execution. Poets have done erasures with glitter, paint, pen and colored pencil, sharpies and whiteout, and if you’re Tom Phillips, whatever you can get your hands on.
  • If your piece is accepted, you’ll be asked to send a process statement to accompany it. This statement should be between 100-250 words and give details on the text/author you chose and what the goal of your redaction is (to reveal hidden intentions in the text, to elevate a missing “other,” to have a dialogue with the author, to imagine an alternative history, etc).
  • Erase the Patriarchy will also consider submissions of essays on the historical erasure of marginalized people.

All submissions should be sent (in either Word or PDF format) to

Author rights for this anthology are continuous and non-exclusive, so authors have the right to publish their work elsewhere and submissions can be previously published. University of Hell Press retains the right to re-publish the work in future editions of the anthology only.

The deadline for submissions is February 14, 2019.

Happy erasing!

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